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Rajan's Exit
15 September, 2016, Prabhat Patnaik
The reason for the government’s dithering over an extension of Raghuram Rajan’s term, which led to his decision not to ask for one, cannot be attributed to his stance on interest rates.
Budget 2016-17: Hype is all
15 March, 2016, Prabhat Patnaik
Behind all the hype about a pro-poor budget, the actual provisions of the government for the major social sectors are found to be too paltry to improve the lives of the poor.
Why do we have Unemployment?
14 March, 2016, Prabhat Patnaik
Under neoliberal capitalism, where the level of activity requires bubbles to sustain itself, the existence of unemployment must be attributed to the paucity of aggregate demand.
Growth, Imports and Inequality: Explaining the persistently high trade deficit in India
31 December, 2015, Zico Dasgupta & Subhanil Chowdhury
This paper provides an explanation of the asymmetric relationship between the GDP growth rate and the trade deficit and looks at the mechanism through which the trade deficit in India has increased.
No Case for Complacence
05 October, 2015, C.P. Chandrasekhar
The yuan depreciation can trigger a chain of events that would convert the creeping world recession into another full-fledged crisis and India cannot be immune from contagion.
Skating on Thin Ice
01 June, 2015, Prabhat Patnaik
Indian economy, under the first year of Modi’s rule, has experienced massive attack on the welfare programmes, sluggish growth of exports and an increase in the trade deficit.
How Food was Moved to the Margins of the New Household Budget
29 May, 2015, Rahul Goswami
An enquiry into the private consumption expenditure indicates that a huge majority of India’s population are experiencing food insecurity in one or several forms.
China and India in the World Economy
31 March, 2015, C.P. Chandrasekhar & Jayati Ghosh
As there is excitement about the possibility of India overtaking China in terms of GDP growth, it is useful to remind ourselves of the relative positions of the two economies.
Bipan Chandra (1928-2014): A Tribute
05 November, 2014, Mritiunjoy Mohanty
In his tribute to the great historian of modern India, the author says that Bipan Chandra's analyses were always meticulously argued, insightful and empirically rich.
Union Budget 2014-15
15 July, 2014, Prabhat Patnaik
The basic fiscal strategy of the Union Budget 2014-15 is to increase transfers to the rich and the affluent, while reducing the outlays earmarked for the poor.
The Way Forward for the Economy
07 July, 2014, Prabhat Patnaik
The Indian economy cannot be revived by the neo liberal policies of austerity and incentives as only fiscal intervention can break the deadlock of stagflationary tendencies.
Chinese Dreams
11 June, 2014, C.P. Chandrasekhar
The pursuit of the Chinese dream may become a nightmare for the majority as it involves reduction of expenditures on food subsidies and other welfare measures.
The Last Straw
23 May, 2014, C.P. Chandrasekhar
The possibility of a fall in India’s agricultural production due to the El Niño effect gives rise to a possibility of worsening stagflation.
The Post-Election Economy
05 May, 2014, Jayati Ghosh
Ideally India needs a new and different vision for the economy, but the parties that are being projected to do well in the elections do not exhibit that new vision at all.
A Curious Recession
21 April, 2014, C.P. Chandrasekhar
India's industrial sector seems mired in a recession at a time when foreign capital inflows have been substantial and capital market is exuberant.
Animal Spirits
24 December, 2013, C.P. Chandrasekhar
As GDP growth slows, the government focuses on ways of raising investment in the economy. But evidence from the CSO suggests that the source of the problem may lie elsewhere.
Is the Party Over?
03 October, 2013, Rohit
The article analyses the reasons behind the poor performance of the Indian economy in the recent past and suggests measures for way out of the current crisis.
The Discreet Charms of Controlling Imports
04 September, 2013, Jayati Ghosh
Some protection from imports together with current account balancing is clearly what is necessary now to deal with India’s balance of payment crisis.
The Looming Banking Crisis
04 September, 2013, C.P. Chandrasekhar & Jayati Ghosh
The crisis engulfing the Indian economy is expected to affect the corporates and the infrastructural projects burdened with large debt, impacting the Indian banking sector.
Foreign Crutches
29 July, 2013, C.P. Chandrasekhar
The government's expectation of earning a huge foreign exchange for India based on which the liberalisation of foreign investment rules was justified, has been belied.

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