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'Shining' in Rural India
07 May, 2004, Abhijit Sen
Probably the most interesting feature of the forthcoming elections is that the ruling coalition has decided to contest them less on basis of new promises or vision for the future and much more on the claim that things have never been better. Whether in the jingles of 'India Shining' or 'Bharat Uday' or in their more partisan claim
Poverty and Inequality in India : Getting closer to the truth
07 May, 2004, Abhijit Sen and Himanshu
In this revised paper examining the comparability and consistency of the National Sample Survey data from the 55th round with the earlier rounds on consumption expenditure in India, Abhijit Sen and Himanshu establish that economic inequality increased sharply during the 1990s in all its aspects and, as a result, poverty reduction deteriorated markedly despite higher growth. This has implications for policy, and lessons for future survey design.

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