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Monitoring the Evolution of Latin American Economies using a Flow-of-funds Framework
09 November, 2017, Esteban Peez Caldentey and Manuel Cruz Luzuriaga
Flow-of-funds accounting permits to monitor the financial sector in terms of flows and stocks and to analyze its relationship with the real sector. Traditionally practised in developed nations, this accounting has not experienced a parallel development in developing countries. In order to fill this gap, the paper undertakes the construction of a data base of flow-of-funds account matrices for various Latin American and Asian countries, exemplifying their use for the study of financial crisis in these regions.
Colombia: The search for elusive peace
09 November, 2016, Jayati Ghosh
Despite the peace agreement was rejected by the referendum, the peace process in Colombia is not over and there is hope that the agreement can be tweaked and then implemented.
Appreciating Argentina
06 March, 2006, Jayati Ghosh
It used to be called the ''Paris of the South'' - and there is no doubt that Buenos Aires is a beautiful city with a very European feel. To the outside observer, it does not even appear to be in a developing country, not least because the resident population is almost completely dominated by relatively recent European migrants of the past century and a half.

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