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George Soros on The Current Conjuncture
25 June, 2018, Prabhat Patnaik
Factors like the U.S. sucking out finance capital from the rest of the world; the appreciating dollar; the looming crisis for the third world; the refugee problem for Europe are together pushing world capitalism into a serious crisis as put by George Soros. A Marshall plan may save the system but the basic foundations of capitalism are against this proposal.
One Belt, One Road, One grand design?
10 June, 2017, Jayati Ghosh
As Trump adopts protectionist measures, President Xi Jingpings’ project “One Belt One Road” is an overwhelmingly ambitious plan to restore faith in globalization. Aiming to perfectly connect 60 countries to China, it is expected to face huge political and financial difficulties. Although it points to a new kind of Chinese imperialism, such a world of competitive superpowers might open new opportunities for the developing nations.
Using the Potential of BRICS Financial Co-operation
09 April, 2012, Jayati Ghosh
The emergence of BRICS as a global economic entity offers a scope for democratising the entire process of South-South Co-operation that till date has been mainly corporate led. The commonalities of the challenges faced by the individual members of BRICS can act as a platform for developing a more progressive developmental trajectory for the member countries, and all emerging economies at large.
The Wolfowitz at the World Bank's door
22 March, 2005, Jayati Ghosh
The second innings of George Bush Jr. at the White House promises to be more than just a replay of the first term, although that prospect alone would have been horrifying enough. Re-election has legitimised for the incumbent US President his most blatant and aggressive past actions.
Wars and Economic Depressions
31 October, 2002, Jayati Ghosh
The economics of the US administration's obsession with war against Iraq may result not only from the desire to control Iraq's vast oil reserves, but also from the need to combat deflation.

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