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Agricultural Tenancy in Contemporary India
09 May, 2018, Vaishali Bansal, Yoshifumi Usami and Vikas Rawal
The following report on “Agricultural Tenancy in Contemporary India” involved a detailed assessment of the 48th (1991-92), 59th (2002-03) and 70th (2012-13) rounds of the NSSO Surveys of Land and Livestock Holdings (NSSOSLLH) and includes detailed household-by-household corrections to remove a number of inconsistencies in the data. The main findings of the analysis point to significant marginalisation of landless poor households.
Rural Diversity and Diversification
05 January, 2015, C.P. Chandrasekhar
The latest NSSO Survey reiterates that economic diversification in rural India is mostly distress driven as non agricultural activities act as the sink for the unemployed.
Once More, without Feeling: The Government of India's latest poverty estimates
08 August, 2013, Jayati Ghosh
The Government of Indias latest poverty lines are appallingly low and unrealistic, that make a cruel joke on the actual living standards of the bulk of the population.
Factor Shares in the Indian Economy
17 April, 2012, C.P. Chandrasekhar & Jayati Ghosh
The functional distribution of national income is relatively ignored by researchers interested in income distribution in India. An analysis of CSOs data on factor shares in the past three decades shows that the the period of most rapid acceleration of growth was also the period of the sharpest fall in the share of the unorganised sector in GDP. Although this change is to be welcomed, the concern is that it has been accompanied by no increase of the organised sectors share in total employment.
Women's Work in India: Has anything changed?
09 August, 2011, C.P. Chandrasekhar & Jayati Ghosh
One of the striking features of the latest National Sample Survey round results is the apparent decline in female employment in 2009-10 compared to 2004-05. The other depressing feature that emerges from the survey is that economic growth has still not generated a process of employment diversification for women.
The Latest Employment Trends from the NSSO
14 July, 2011, C.P. Chandrasekhar & Jayati Ghosh
No sooner were the results of the 66th Round of the National Sample Survey Organisation (relating to data collected in 2009-10) released, than they became the subject of great controversy. Surprisingly, the controversy was created not by critics of the government and its statistical system, but from within government circles!
Health Imbalances
05 March, 2009, Jayati Ghosh
By now it is commonplace to bemoan the poor state of health services in India. Public provision of health services is very inadequately funded and its facilities are plagued by overcrowding, shortage of essential items and of skilled personnel
The Crisis of Home-based Work
17 June, 2008, Jayati Ghosh
Recent data on employment shows that the share of women working in manufacturing in a subsidiary capacity has been increasing continuously since 1987-88. This shows the increase in putting out home-based or other work as part of a subcontracting system for export and domestic manufacturing, which are not included in official employment statistics. These are often on piece rate basis, usually very poorly paid and without any known non-wage benefits.
Being Your Own Boss
18 December, 2006, Jayati Ghosh
There are important changes taking place in labour markets in India. The results of the latest large round of the National Sample Survey Organisation, which took place in 2004-05, have just been released. They reveal some significant changes in the employment patterns and conditions of work in India over the first half of this decade.

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