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The Question Of Farm - Loan Waiver
23 June, 2017, Prabhat Patnaik
The primary reason why loan-waiver is being demanded at present is not an output fall owing to any natural calamity. It is the price-fall on account of the bumper harvest that underlies this demand. It is the breaking down of an appropriate institutional mechanism that is responsible for the peasantsí distress and periodic demands for loan-waivers.
The RBI Governor's Unwarranted Remarks
02 January, 2015, Prabhat Patnaik
Dr. Rajan's criticism of the debt-waiver scheme for farmers underscores the fact that "social banking" gets progressively eliminated in the era of neo-liberalism.
The Neoliberal Trap
11 June, 2013, C.P. Chandrasekhar
The government of India is forced to appease international credit rating agencies and give their demands priority over national issues.
Why is India Suddenly so Angry about Corruption?
18 June, 2011, Jayati Ghosh
Post liberalisation, market-oriented reforms have delivered higher aggregate growth but also significantly increased economic inequality and material insecurity for the majority of India's population. The recent outrage against corruption in India reflects a great betrayal felt by a populace that had been told that the era of neoliberal economic policies would end vices that were supposedly associated with greater government involvement in economic activity.

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