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The Gathering Storm Clouds
28 May, 2018, Praveen Jha & Amit Chakraborty
The Indian Economy has all along been critically dependent upon the inflow of speculative finance to sustain its balance of payment. It now faces threatening prospects of a spiral as international crude oil prices and U.S. interest rates, that kept its import bill restricted, are on the rise.
Can the US continue to Rule the World Economy?
05 April, 2003, Jayati Ghosh
Historically, international capitalism has tended to thrive more when one clear power has established its hegemony over the world economy. There have been at least two major phases when this was indisputably true: the period of the gold standard in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, when Britain was the economic superpower; and the two decades after the Second World War in the mid-twentieth century of the Bretton Woods dollar standard, when the United States ruled the roost.

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