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Ashok Mitra: Railing Against the Times, But Very Much a Part of Them
03 May, 2018, Jayati Ghosh
Revisiting a review written for 'Frontline' magazine of the English version of Ashok Mitra's Bengali memoirs, 'Apila Chapila', published in 2007. “The impression on reading this book is not one of a difficult man, rather of an incurable romantic. It is a book full of people, full of little stories about them and full of the emotion that only caring deeply about people can bring. So this idiosyncratic memoir is in some ways a love poem to many of the people he has ever known.
The Central Government's Finances
15 October, 2004, Jayati Ghosh
Some newspapers have already made much of the recent data released by the Finance Ministry on the central government's finances for this year. These suggest that the revenue deficit is already much higher than it should be given the target for the full fiscal year - indeed, for the first five months of the year, from April to September.
How to pay for the Employment Guarantee
15 October, 2004, Jayati Ghosh
Increasingly it looks as if the UPA government will try to introduce an Employment Guarantee Act in the near future. It is obviously equally incumbent upon it to substantially increase the resources that are to be made available for employment schemes, especially in the rural areas.
Muslim Women in India
17 September, 2004, Jayati Ghosh
A new book provides a broad spectrum investigation into the socio-economic status of Muslim women in India, and delves into the roots of their disadvantaged conditions of life.

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