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Shadow cast by the rupee
07 June, 2018, C.P. Chandrasekhar
The rupee has sharply depreciated in the recent weeks giving reason for concern. The external events of rise in oil prices and rate of interest in advanced economies has led to a surge in the current account deficit and capital outflows respectively. The success of 'the liberalization reforms' lies in the huge capital inflows and thus, has enhanced the periodic bouts of the rupee, hinting to symptoms of a bubble economy.
Global Disorder and the Indian Economy
25 August, 2011, Jayati Ghosh
The Indian economy is showing the classic signs of a bubble economy and any small signs of external vulnerability and economic fragility can cause it to burst. Crucial possible downsides of the current round of global uncertainty for India and other emerging markets include the lack of import demand growth in the US and the EU, renewed inflows of mobile capital, etc.

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