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Can banking recover?
27 February, 2018, Jayati Ghosh
Recovery of the banking sector will require stricter adherence to sound banking rules and more transparency from public and private players. And most of all, this applies to the regulators themselves and the government that frames all this.
The Nirav Modi Scandal
23 February, 2018, Prabhat Patnaik
Nirav Modi’s is not a case of crony capitalism supplanting genuine capitalism; it is rather a case of genuine capitalism coming out to display its fundamental unworkability, as a system based on the pursuit of private gain. Having institutional restraints can stem the rot, but not for long.
Digital Dreams
21 December, 2016, Jayati Ghosh
The government’s mad rush towards a cashless economy ignores the presence of the large unbanked population that will not gain from incentives being offered for digital transactions.
Lessons from the Coal Blocks Auction
04 March, 2015, C.P. Chandrasekhar
The outcome of coal block auction suggests that the government could have stuck to expanding public sector coal production without handing the mines over to the private sector.
Crony Capitalism in the Age of State Capture
10 March, 2014, C.P. Chandrasekhar
The illegal nexus between the state and big business for the benefit of both has strengthened under the neoliberal policy regime in India.
Understanding the "Mango People"
31 December, 2013, Jayati Ghosh
People's aspiration for alternative, symbolised by AAP's success, creates progressive political possibilities if the left can see the changing realities and think creatively.
India Wants More Than Crony Capitalism
14 November, 2012, Jayati Ghosh
Revelations of corruption are engulfing the country's leading Congress party. But what will replace it?
How to Spend the Money
06 March, 2009, Jayati Ghosh
One of the significant impact of the financial crisis on the world of ideas is that it has brought to the forefront the recognition of the role of the government expenditure in mitigating recessions, as was advocated by Keynes and Kalecki. This article makes a theoretical case for undertaking Keynesian measures to cope with the recession.
Bird Flu: The Panic and the Profits
08 November, 2005, Jayati Ghosh
Have you noticed how all the news media have devoted so much time, and so much panic-mongering, to bird flu recently? Of course this is a growing and potentially terrifying threat to health in countries across the world, especially in Asia, but the media coverage has been far in excess of anything warranted by the actual incidence of this disease or even any immediate potential threat.

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