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Agrarian distress in India
01 March, 2018, Jayati Ghosh
To stabilize crop prices and make them remunerative, the Swaminathan Commission proposed significant improvements in the implementation of MSPs.
The Question Of Farm - Loan Waiver
23 June, 2017, Prabhat Patnaik
The primary reason why loan-waiver is being demanded at present is not an output fall owing to any natural calamity. It is the price-fall on account of the bumper harvest that underlies this demand. It is the breaking down of an appropriate institutional mechanism that is responsible for the peasants’ distress and periodic demands for loan-waivers.
Crop prices and farmers' unrest
20 June, 2017, C.P. Chandrasekhar & Jayati Ghosh
Distressed farmers are demanding loan waivers, but that should not deflect attention from what needs to be done and undone to address the roots of the agrarian crisis.
Prices and Politics in India
24 March, 2009, Jayati Ghosh
Inflation rate in India touched historical low levels of 0.44% in the week ending March 19th. While this is being projected in some circles as a positive development in the context of rising inflation some months earlier, this article argues that this need not be necessarily the case.
The Economic Geography of Recession
06 January, 2009, Jayati Ghosh
Now that the economic slowdown is truly upon us, and the government is no longer in complete denial about the vulnerability of the economy, the discussion is dominated by the possible effectiveness of the policy measures that have been announced to deal with it. But this depends upon two different features: first, what has caused the recession in the first place; and second, how it will affect different economic agents.
The Burden of Farmers' Debt
14 September, 2005, C.P. Chandrasekhar & Jayati Ghosh
The agrarian crisis that has rampaged through rural India for the past few years has been associated very clearly with a rising burden of indebtedness among farmers. The inability to repay past debt - and therefore to access fresh loans - has been widely accepted as the most significant proximate cause of the farmers' suicides that were so widespread in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, and are apparently continuing in areas as far apart as Wayanad in Kerala, Vidarbha in Maharashtra and some areas of Punjab and Rajasthan.
China and India: The Big Differences
24 August, 2005, Jayati Ghosh
China and India seem to be the hot topics in the world economy today. In the international press, there is almost an obsession with these two economies, and how their current growth presages the coming ''Asian century''.
Ten years of NAFTA
15 January, 2004, Jayati Ghosh
The first day of this year marked the tenth anniversary of NAFTA – the North American Free Trade Agreement, which brought the economies of the United States, Canada and Mexico together. This was a trade deal preceded by much debate and opposition.
Poland's Free Market Woes
15 June, 2002, Jayati Ghosh
Until a few years ago, Poland was regarded by the Western press as the showpiece of the transition economies, an example of the joys and benefits that a rapid shift to privatisation, liberalised markets and incentives to capitalists could deliver. The Polish example could be cited with relief by free market enthusiasts who were confronted with economic chaos and falling rates of economic activity in other formerly socialist countries.

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