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Shopping frenzy in the new China
24 November, 2017, C.P. Chandrasekhar
The Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba creates a startling sales record on this year’s Singles’ Day, tapping into the rising consumerism of the upper middle class. The surge may not yield the home market growth needed to rebalance the country’s growth.
Growth, Employment and Technology
05 February, 2007, Jayati Ghosh
The generation of productive and remunerative employment is probably the central process in equitable growth. This is of course a concern that is as old as the study of economic growth itself, and effectively underlies all the debates about the possibilities of ''trickle-down'' of growth. But it has acquired particular resonance in India in the recent past because of the apparent transformation of the economy and increase in its growth potential, which has surprisingly (and unfortunately) not been accompanied by commensurate increases in remunerative employment.
Borrowed Prosperity
29 May, 2006, C.P. Chandrasekhar
Everyone belonging to India's middle and upper classes has experienced its effects, but there are few analysing its implications. The country has been through a retail credit transition, making it a haven for the would-be borrower relentlessly pursued by the would-be lender through the media, the cell phone, mailers and direct contact. Near-100 per cent credit with no guarantees required and interest rate rebates on larger loans of longer duration is almost the norm.

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