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The Prospect of Food Shortage
09 April, 2018, Prabhat Patnaik
Contrary to the fears of orthodox economics, persistent and even growing hunger in the world today arises not due to “excessive population” but due to the social arrangement; not because there is too little output relative to population but because there is too little demand relative to output.
The US as Unabomber
20 March, 2003, Jayati Ghosh
This is, without doubt, a defining moment in world history. In declaring this unjustified war on Iraq without any backing from the United Nations, and in the teeth of opposition from many governments and people everywhere, the US government has introduced a new era in international relations.
The Nepad Initiative : Famine and Conquest in Africa
02 July, 2002, C.P. Chandrasekhar
Recent months have witnessed two significant developments in the African continent. One, the re-emergence of food shortages in southern Africa, posing a real threat of famine in the region. Two, the launch of the New Partnership for African Development (Nepad), a programme framed by the joint effort of several African governments.

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