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Agricultural Tenancy in Contemporary India
09 May, 2018, Vaishali Bansal, Yoshifumi Usami and Vikas Rawal
The following report on “Agricultural Tenancy in Contemporary India” involved a detailed assessment of the 48th (1991-92), 59th (2002-03) and 70th (2012-13) rounds of the NSSO Surveys of Land and Livestock Holdings (NSSOSLLH) and includes detailed household-by-household corrections to remove a number of inconsistencies in the data. The main findings of the analysis point to significant marginalisation of landless poor households.
A Scandal in Kerala
24 August, 2012, Prabhat Patnaik
Passing a legislation permitting plantation owners in Kerala to use up to five percent of the land under their control for purposes other than growing plantation crops, including growing other crops and real estate projects, legitimises the illegal land occupations of the big plantation owners and opens up huge tracts of land for the operation of the real estate mafia. Crucially, it will also eliminate any scope for an extension of land reforms, which was a major component of the trajectory of egalitarian development in the state.
Budget 2004-05 : Farmers are the new untouchables
12 July, 2004, Devinder Sharma
For the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance, and now the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance, farmers have become the new untouchables. If the two Budgets presented in 2004 are any indication first the interim Budget by the outgoing Finance Minister Mr. Jaswant Singh, and then the Budget 2004-05 presented by his successor Mr. P. Chidambaram agriculture has become a burden on an ungrateful nation.

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