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Ayushman Bharat
01 October, 2018, Prabhat Patnaik
The Modi government's claim of ushering in the largest healthcare scheme in the world is completely vacuous. The chosen method of enlarging healthcare access to the poor is wrong both because of the route chosen (the insurance route which benefits insurance companies more than it benefits the patients) as well as because of the ridiculously paltry financial provision.
Budget 2018-19: No money where the mouth is
20 February, 2018, C.P. Chandrasekhar
Rhetoric and meagre show of financing aimed at the neglected and marginalized sections, to address the pre-election imperative of the Budget have not even been able to fulfil the irrational fiscal deficit targets of the FM, even with massive disinvestment and absence of fund allocation.
Where's the money, Mr Jaitley?
02 February, 2018, Jayati Ghosh
Window-dressing as a substitute to actually addressing the problem has become a norm under the Modi regime and the Budget 2018-19 reflects that. The actual increases in financial outlay are shockingly low in relation to the massive promises made. This is deeply worrying, as the Indian economy now desperately requires major measures to ensure a sustainable revival of economic activity.
Pre-election Euphoria?
15 April, 2014, C.P. Chandrasekhar
The recent surge in the Sensex despite sagging performance of the overall economy reflects selective speculation by international finance which makes it more volatile.
In Search of a Real Stimulus
11 December, 2008, Jayati Ghosh
Now that the economic slowdown is clearly making itself felt in both economic activity and employment, the central government has finally decided to do something about it. The trouble is that the economic package announced on Sunday is simply too feeble to go very far and, even combined with the monetary policy measures announced earlier
On the Economic Survey 2003-04
10 July, 2004, Jayati Ghosh
The Chairperson of the UPA, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, and the government that she helped to create, appear to inhabit two very different countries. The India Mrs. Gandhi lives in and travelled through widely during the election campaign is a country in the throes of economic crisis, especially in the countryside. It was the people of this country that she recognised and addressed, in all the speeches she gave about the problems faced by farmers, the lack of jobs for the people, the inadequacy and poor quality of the most basic public services, the hunger and despair that affect backward regions, the growing inequality.
Income inequality in India
09 February, 2004, Jayati Ghosh
The period since the neo-liberal economic reforms were introduced in India, has been one of dramatically increased income inequality. This will come as no surprise to most people. After all, you need only to look out onto the streets, to see the enormous increase in conspicuous consumption by the rich and even the urban upper middle income groups, and also to see side by side how the lives of the poor have become even more vulnerable and precarious.
India Shining, India Declining
05 February, 2004, Jayati Ghosh
The hoardings greet you everywhere: uplifting images of happy, smiling (mostly middle class) Indians enjoying material consumption beyond their wildest expectations, striding confidently into the future and proudly looking back on recent achievements. On the television screens, the ad campaigns are about as blatant as a ruling government can dare to be just before national elections. Apparently, there has never been a better time to be an Indian; we have never had it so good.
Mid-Year Economic Review: Propaganda or Appraisal?
05 October, 2003, C.P. Chandrasekhar
In a pre-election propaganda move, the NDA government has taken credit for spurring an economic boom by managing everything-from the monsoon to the speculative appetite of foreign institutional investors. The Mid-Year Economic Review, released by the Finance Ministry on 14 November 2003, paints a hyped-up picture of an economy ostensibly on the roll, and promises more if the reforms are kept on track.

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