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Agrarian distress in India
01 March, 2018, Jayati Ghosh
To stabilize crop prices and make them remunerative, the Swaminathan Commission proposed significant improvements in the implementation of MSPs.
Did the FM deliver for farmers?
02 February, 2018, Jayati Ghosh
The Budget Speech this year was no different in terms of the grandiose promises made to farmers, without substantial financial backing, and used as substitute for real allocations. Such a clever-by-half attitude towards those who provide food for India and account for at least half the work force may well backfire on the government.
The Union Budget 2006-07
02 March, 2006, Jayati Ghosh
The presentation of the Union Budget by the Finance Minister this year was bound to be a balancing exercise. For one thing, there is a basic political context in which the Budget is being drawn up.
The UPA Regime and Economic Policy
31 March, 2005, Prabhat Patnaik
The defeat of the NDA in the last elections was a source of consternation in international financial circles. The Wall Street Journal even asked editorially: "Why should developing countries like India have such frequent elections?"
Andhra Pradesh Elections: The CEO Confronts Reality
15 May, 2004, Jayati Ghosh
The overwhelming results of the Andhra Pradesh assembly elections seem to have left the English-language media in a state of shock. The self-proclaimed pundits of the electoral process appear bewildered and searching for answers. How, they ask, could such a ''development-oriented'', ''modern'' Chief Minister, who was so friendly to the markets and so open to foreign investment, be thrown out of office?
What should be the scope of "Development Economics"?
09 October, 2003, Prabhat Patnaik
1. When I was a student in the 1960s, we basically thought of economics as being divided into two segments: there was "economic theory" on the one side, and there was a whole mish-mash of economic history, "Indian economics" and "development economics" on the other

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