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Empty Promises
18 July, 2018, C.P. Chandrasekhar
Together with measures like loan write-offs offered by some BJP States and an ostensibly much-improved crop insurance scheme (PMFBY), this hike in MSPs is seen to have confirmed the pro-farmer tilt of the Narendra Modi government. The timing of the Modi government’s MSP hike for kharif crops leads to the question of whether it is backed by the financial allocations needed to deliver on them.
The Gujarat model’s failure explains why the economy has become such a significant factor in the coming state elections
28 November, 2017, Jayati Ghosh
The model of development that was presented as a success story relies on patronising and providing incentives to large businesses while simultaneously suppressing wage incomes.
Demonetisation was Primarily a Political Act
22 November, 2016, Jayati Ghosh
It is becoming evident by the day that the primary purpose of the surprise announcement by the Prime Minister was political rather than economic, and that this political purpose was specifically directed towards ensuring the fortunes of the ruling party vis-ŕ-vis its rivals.
Signs of Stagflation
26 September, 2008, C.P. Chandrasekhar
There is fear that India may have crossed a turning point, with growth in the future likely to be below the creditable 9 per cent per annum trajectory achieved over the last five years. Some features of growth performance during the first quarter, like the slowdown in agricultural and industrial growth and the continuing dependence on service led growth do give cause for such concern. The situation is more disconcerting since it occurs in the context of sharp inflation exceeding 12 per cent on an annualised basis.
Too Little, Too Late
12 December, 2007, C.P. Chandrasekhar
Though the Finance Minister seems to have recently realized the folly of free and large capital inflows, the realization comes too late and offers too little in terms of solutions. He still seems to have an inadequate understanding of the problems that the capital surge has created and is still creating. Too late, because the Finance Minister looks unwilling to face the consequences of actions aimed at slowing, let alone arresting, capital inflows.
Drought: Assessing the Likely Fall-Out
27 July, 2002, C.P. Chandrasekhar
Halfway through this year's 16-week monsoon season, the government has been forced to admit that India faces the prospect of suffering from the "worst and most widespread drought" in over a decade. With 355 out of the 512 districts for which data is available having received deficient, scanty or no rainfall between June 1 and July 17

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