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Shopping frenzy in the new China
24 November, 2017, C.P. Chandrasekhar
The Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba creates a startling sales record on this year’s Singles’ Day, tapping into the rising consumerism of the upper middle class. The surge may not yield the home market growth needed to rebalance the country’s growth.
Capital Markets, Unsustainable Growth & Instability
04 April, 2001, Jayati Ghosh
For a relatively brief period in the aftermath of the Southeast Asian financial crisis, Indian policy makers did look to the region to extract some lessons for the Indian government's own plans regarding capital account liberalisation. Unfortunately, that period was all too brief. The apparent economic recovery in the region beginning in 1999, and the effective abandonment at the multilateral level of any serious discussion of reform of the international financial regime, both served to create a sense of complacency and to mute discussions of alternative trajectories.

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