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The Obscenity of Hunger Deaths
22 December, 2017, Jayati Ghosh
There is no doubt that human life is cheap in India, perhaps more so now than ever before. The attacks, atrocities and killings of people from minorities and marginalised groups that have now become so common are particularly appalling because they reflect a culture of impunity.
Widowhood in India
11 October, 2017, C.P. Chandrasekhar & Jayati Ghosh
Public policy has largely ignored specific problems of widows in India. And given their numbers, this exclusion can prove costly for society in general.
The Nefarious Money Bills
03 April, 2017, Prabhat Patnaik
The amendment of the Company Act by the BJP government is a massive assault on democracy and a legitimisation of the fusion of corporate and State power, and a license for big-ticket corruption.
The Persistence of Child Marriage
29 March, 2017, Jayati Ghosh
Despite all the talk of modernisation the prevalence of child marriage still continues across most parts of the country.
Is a Universal Pension Scheme Feasible in India?
16 May, 2012, Jayati Ghosh
In an economy like ours, a universal pension scheme must be part of a broader development strategy that focuses on public investment in physical and social infrastructure, which will ensure supply of necessary goods and services while increasing demand from the population in a stable and inclusive way.
The Siren Song of Cash Transfers
10 March, 2011, Jayati Ghosh
Cash transfers are the latest fad of the international development industry, as the preferred strategy for poverty reduction. And now Indian policy makers are busy catching up. The idea was mooted in the Government's Economic Survey for 2010-11, and the Finance Minister made an explicit announcement in his Budget Speech for replacing some subsidies on goods with cash transfers.
Two Instruments by Name Kalawati and Sasikala
28 July, 2008, R. Ramakumar
One of the most discussed speeches in the debate on the trust motion in the Loksabha was Rahul Gandhi's. Arguing that "energy security is directly related to poverty", Rahul Gandhi pitched in for the deal in the name of two widows from suicide-stricken Vidarbha Kalawati and Sasikala.

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